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Scenterbay Black & Tan Coonhounds occasionally have puppies available to approved homes

We are hobby breeders who pride ourselves on selective breeding for the continuous betterment of the breed. Our Coonhounds are health tested under British Veterinary Association/ Kennel Club or ANKC Schemes for Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia. Each breeding is carefully considered so to avoid health concerns and we strive for a low inbreeding Co-efficient in order to maintain genetic diversity. For us, it is as equally important to breed to the standard, (the 'blueprint' for the breed) & to ensure any Black & Tan Coonhound puppies we breed retain their hunting ability. We breed 'Fit For Function' Hounds.

As responsible breeders, we don’t breed unless there is demand for our puppies. Our litters will never be sold on ‘pets4homes’ websites and the likes, as we want to encourage & promote potential puppy owners to do their research into the breed, rather than be influenced by online advertisements, ........on, which only can be described as, on-line puppy farms at best.

The majority of responsible, committed and genuine breeders view these sites as a fairly desperate way to sell puppies and others see it as a ‘rescue problem waiting to happen’!

We want you as potential owners of our pups, to have made contact with us because of your passion and commitment to this amazing and special breed, rather than having been influenced with pictures offering champion pedigrees, & 'as seen on TV',.

Whether you approach us or choose to look elsewhere, please think carefully how the breeder is advertising and how they have advertised in the past.


So you have decided that a Black & Tan Coonhound is the dog for you?

We don’t blame you. This is an amazing breed which is attracting a lot of interest in the UK

But buying a new puppy is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any family wishing to add a new breed of dog to their home should thoroughly research the character traits, health, temperament, grooming and exercise levels of their chosen breed.

As responsible breeders, before considering you as a prospective owner we would ask you to visit us to meet us and our pack. This is regardless of where you live in The UK. The 'vetting process' is mutually beneficial to both breeder and purchaser.

It is important for any owner to ensure we are the correct choice of breeder for them as much as we would want to know we are selecting a suitable life long home for one of our puppies, and that you fully understand the commitment you will be making.

All Scenterbay Black & Tan Coonhound puppy's are fully wormed, Vet health checked, microchipped, insured, KC registered & part vaccinated before leaving for their forever homes. We also ensure your puppy has the very best start in life by being raised in a loving environment & in the hub of our home. We follow the 'Puppy Culture ' programme for raising our litters. This positive approach to training and socialisation ensures a happy, well rounded and confident puppy who will greet the world with enthusiasm. Our puppies also come with a comprehensive written care pack, a lifetime support from us, inclusion to our online Scenterbay owners community group and a 'take home' pack with all the items you will need in the first few weeks.

How long do I have to wait for a Black & Tan Coonhound puppy?

With such a rare breed it is difficult to predict……...

So It depends on the time of year, number of litters born and your specific requirements (gender, activity level and so on). You could be lucky, just at the time when a big litter is about to be born and only have to wait 8 or so weeks. On the other hand, you might need to wait 6-9 months before we are able to allocate you a puppy as our waiting list could be large.

Rest assured; if this is the breed for you, it will be worth the wait.