Black & Tan Coonhounds

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We are Estella & Phil 

Phil & I met at a Kennel Club Licensed Dog Training school in 2006 where Phil brought his 12 week old Manchester Terrier puppy for ringcraft training. 

We both grew up with family dogs and had our own dogs before we met. Phil, Neapolitan Mastifs, Weimeraners and Great Danes. Myself, Bearded Collies, Cocker Spaniels & Portuguese Water Dogs…… and a rescue Collie x Terrier. 

Together we have built a successful Manchester Terrier Show/hobby kennel under the ‘Rattustrap’ affix.

We first saw the fantastic Black & Tan Coonhound in America in Southern Illinois. A majestic pack of Black and Tan Hounds were baying at the foot of a tree. The regal way the dogs carried themselves and their fantastic bay captured our imagination. We were smitten.

The beginnings of the breed in the UK:

Once home we began researching the breed. They appeared to be the ideal companion. Adaptable, happy & tolerant….certainly needed when living with Manchester Terriers! We then contacted breeders and built relationships….and waited.

We were at the Pro Plan/ Dog World Pup of the Year Finals showing Rattustrap Englands Own (now International, Finnish, Belarussian, Danish & Estonian Champion Rattustrap Englands Own JW ShCM) who had qualified for the final at only his 2nd Show, Richmond Championship Show in September 2012. It was at the finals that we met Antonio Skaboullos, who was a guest supporting a friend who had qualified for the Final with a Tibetan Terrier.

We kept in touch with Antonio & a chance Facebook conversation with him made us realise we had a common interest in The Black & Tan Coonhound…….. 

Ourselves with Antonio introduced the first 3 Black & Tan Coonhounds into the UK and together co-bred the first 3 litters (kennel name Scentaway).


Phil & I will continue our line of Black & Tan Coonhounds as Scenterbay.