Black & Tan Coonhounds

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We are Estella, Phil & Antonio. 

We have been firm friends since meeting at The Pro Plan/ Dog World Pup of The Year final in 2013. 

Phil & I were there showing Rattustrap Englands Own (now International, Finnish, Belarussian, Danish & Estonian Champion Rattustrap Englands Own JW ShCM) who had qualified for the final at only his 2nd Show, Richmond Championship Show in September 2012. Antonio was there as a guest supporting a friend who had qualified for the Final with a Tibetan Terrier.

Phil and I had wanted to introduce the Black & Tan Coonhound to The UK for numerous years but it was just to hard a task to achieve by ourselves. So was always placed on the back burner. But a chance Facebook conversation with Antonio made us realise we had a common interest in The Black & Tan Coonhound! 

The rest is history.........ok, not really as are at the very early stages of introducing the breed here. We know it won't be easy, but with determination (which we have LOTS of) and hard work (which we are certainly not afraid of) we know we can achieve this!